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Приказују се постови за април, 2012

Some new-old fairytales

We all have some favorite books from childhood. However, I had a lot of them. But, there are many wonderful fairytales and stories for children, which I descovered much later as an adult. I thought that these books will be dull, but I am much mistaken. Reading them, I felt like I was ten. In any case, I recently bought a great book called "The Magic Butterfly and Other Fairy Tales from Central Europe" illustrated by Ugo Fontana. Stories are unusually interesting, and illustrations - stunning. Here sre some of them. Impressive, isn't it? I attach two of my recent illustrations. They are not as great as Ugo's, but at least I try. Kisa again, always interesting. But this time as the Snow Queen. This is a tea party with raccoon. God knows how I got the inspiration for this illustration. I might have dreamed of something, anyway it was fun to draw this.

Some new illustrations

These beautiful spring days made me start to make some new drawings. Of course, Kisa and Joja are always an inspiration for me. But there are also beautiful nature, and some things that haunt my imagination - some things from childhood, a dream, a child's vague thouhgts.   This is our backyard with an old pin tree   This is Kisa on hazel tree. This is Joja when she was younger . And this is something from my imagination. This could be Kisa or Joja, or even me when I was a child. It does not matter which one of us. It is the purest and most beautiful part of human nature. That is the wonderful part of childhood when we believe that all people are good and that miracle might happen. When we believe that our dolls getting up at night while we sleep, and play. This is the moment when the doll caught in their game.


Into The Castle of Culture in Vrnjci Spa (Serbia) today is an exhibition called "Easter salon". It is dedicated to the forthcoming Easter holidays. This exhibition involved children aged 5 to 18 years old. Here are photos of some works. This is the mascot of the Easter salon   These are the traditional carp eggs (with was), as our ancestors did. However, new generations have new ideas. The egg can become a teapot, a butterfly ,  a flower in the pot, a woman with glasses, unusual hanger,  a puppet in the theater, a bird and even Elvis or king Henry VIII In any case, Easter is time of family gatherings, friendship, forgiveness and great joy.

Kisa i Joja

Ovo su moje bratanice Kisa i Joja. Kisa je pesnik, ljubitelj umetnosti, Henrija VIII i nindža ratnika. Možda sve to deluje nespojivo, ali kod nje je sve moguće. Ova moja ilustracija potpuno odgovara njenoj prirodi. Joja voli žutu boju, Sunđer Boba, a najviše od svega prirodu, biljke, životinje i bube. Ona voli da izmišlja reči koje ne postoje u srpskom jeziku. Omiljene životinje su joj tetreb i žirafa. Mnogo vremena provodi napolju u igri.