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Приказују се постови за фебруар, 2013

Longing for the moon

I was absent from the blog for a while, preparing works for some art contest. I hope it was worth the effort. This collage is called "longing for the moon". I suppose we all long for something. It's human nature. And very often we long for something we can not have. This collage deals with this problem.


I tried to be active these days. So I finished the previous fairy and put her in some floral setting. I started also another one...At this point I am pretty occupied with things from fairy tales and fantasy. The only thing I want is to be far, far from reality. I would like to thank Anne (Anne simle crochet) because she gave me the award. She has a great blog where you can see planty of her crocheted creations: bookmarks, bracelets, wallets, hats, baby clothes...Everything is really wonderful! Thank you Anna!