субота, 05. мај 2012.


I assume that many people have a dream that can not forget. They are usually so dramatic that we remember them for lifeI do have a few, but in particular I remember one of them. I dream that I have ten years and I am light as a bird. I can run, fly and jump to the ceiling. At first it was very fun. But over time I became aware that I could not stop myself, I can not stand on the ground. And then I started to panic. Nothing special, but the dream always seems more terrible than reality. In any case, I decided to make a few drawings on the subject. You'll notice that all reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland falling through a hole chasing the white rabbit. It is a coincidence. Perhaps this is connected with the fact that I love this story.

 This is one of the first works created several years ago.
 The following two drawings were made recently.

 And this drawing has nothing to do with the whole story, but it has to do with fairy tales.  
This is a variant of Thumbelina.

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  1. I love white rabbit and other rodents. You could draw some of them with me.

    1. Biće, Kissa, biće... To je super ideja za ilustraciju. Ti, Joja i glodari - ima li ičeg lepšeg!


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