понедељак, 30. април 2012.

Some new-old fairytales

We all have some favorite books from childhood. However, I had a lot of them. But, there are many wonderful fairytales and stories for children, which I descovered much later as an adult. I thought that these books will be dull, but I am much mistaken. Reading them, I felt like I was ten. In any case, I recently bought a great book called "The Magic Butterfly and Other Fairy Tales from Central Europe" illustrated by Ugo Fontana. Stories are unusually interesting, and illustrations - stunning. Here sre some of them.

Impressive, isn't it?
I attach two of my recent illustrations. They are not as great as Ugo's, but at least I try.

Kisa again, always interesting. But this time as the Snow Queen.

This is a tea party with raccoon. God knows how I got the inspiration for this illustration. I might have dreamed of something, anyway it was fun to draw this.

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