петак, 20. април 2012.


Into The Castle of Culture in Vrnjci Spa (Serbia) today is an exhibition called "Easter salon". It is dedicated to the forthcoming Easter holidays. This exhibition involved children aged 5 to 18 years old. Here are photos of some works.

This is the mascot of the Easter salon

 These are the traditional carp eggs (with was), as our ancestors did.

However, new generations have new ideas. The egg can become a teapot,

a butterfly,

 a flower in the pot,

a woman with glasses,

unusual hanger,

 a puppet in the theater,

a bird

and even Elvis

or king Henry VIII

In any case, Easter is time of family gatherings, friendship, forgiveness and great joy.

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  1. Veoma mi se dopada muzika koja se čuje u pozadini. Volim Uskršnji salon. Drago mi je sto se nekom svideo Henri, pošto sam ga ja napravila. Ta osoba baš ima ukusa.

  2. Sneža ne voli ni Henrija VIII,nindža ratnike ni žutu boju al mnogo,mnogo voli Kaću,Kisu i Joju.


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