четвртак, 24. мај 2012.

Collage in progress

These days I was occupied with work on a new collage. Collage is a really beautiful painting technique, which requires a big commitment. I make collages since my student days, and even then I tried to approach it in a new and unique way. It offers the possibility to use different materials, but I like to use mainly hand-made paper. Sometimes I use cloth or buttons. Creating a collage is quite long, at least in my case. I am currently working girl named Danica. She is so lovely and sweet and cute and it is a pleasure to make her portrait. I hope that I manage to finish it soon.

And this is one of my photos taken these days.

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  1. Veoma mi se dopada kolaz na koma je Danica. Stvarno mislim da je ona najpametnija petogodisnjakinja.=)
    P.S.ovaj novi izgled bloga je zaista super.=)XD

  2. Super ti je nova pozadina na blogu i bas ti se uklapa muzika uz sve ovo.Drago mi je sto si postavila novi (prelepi)font. Postavi novi post koji ce biti ovako lep.
    Sve ti je


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